Chinese supplier Shan'an sells high-quality metal detection systems

March 25,2021


Chinese seller Guangdong Shanan specializes in the research and development, production and selling metal detection systems, hand-held metal detectors, food metal detectors and other products, sales and services of imported detection systems, and high-tech companies that provide detection solutions. Extensive experience and public safety and defense testing in the industry.


We have the most complete products, and all comply with industry standards. Professional business Communication and after-sales service provide guarantee for your use. When there is a problem in the work process, you can replace the accessories or have a professional engineer to solve it.


Our metal detection systems mainly include industrial metal detection systems used in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, textile, clothing, plastic, chemical, wood, mining and packaging industries.


Mining metal detector for mine cement, mining gravel, coal mines, thermal power plants, plastic crushing


Mining metal detector.jpg

Sensitivity 1.0mm diameter steel ball

Dimensions: customized

Total weight about 120kg


It adopts dual-channel signal detection circuit merging technology, which has high sensitivity and high anti-interference ability.


It can be widely used in mines, power plants, etc. Conveyors with metal joints can eliminate joint effects and detect metals.


Sauce Pipeline Metal Detector 

Sauce Pipeline Metal Detector .png



Pipe diameter


Detection accuracy Fe(mm)


Detection accuracy SUS(mm)


Detection capacity(t/h)


  • Liquids Pipeline Metal Detection 
  • Meats Pipeline Metal Detection 
  • Dairy Pipeline Metal Detection 
  • Soup Pipeline Metal Detection 
  • Sauce Pipeline Metal Detection 
  • Paste Pipeline Metal Detection 
  • Confectionery Pipeline Metal Detection 
  • Juice Pipeline Metal Detection 
  • Jam Pipeline Metal Detection 
  • Sausage Meat Pipeline Metal Detection 

Metal Detector for medicine

Metal Detector for medicine.png

The SAYP-700S metal detector is designed to comply with strict pharmaceutical industry standards and regulations, and can provide the ultimate solution for tablet, capsule, powder and granule product detection and rejection systems. Our metal detection system is designed to detect all types of metal contaminants, including opgw suspension assembly ferrous, non-ferrous, and even the most difficult non-magnetic stainless steel.


After-sales service

SHAN has expanded production and the introduction of talents, advanced equipment, technology and enthusiastic employees, and has injected new strength into the company.

advanced equipment.

Our company's products, technologies, services and test qualifications all meet China industry standards. After-sales service is gradually improving worldwide.


Recommend three common metal detection systems, please consult us for prices, please feel free to contact us for more questions or selling details.


SHANAN covers an area of ​​about 2000 square meters, with production (various production equipment), domestic sales, foreign trade, testing, engineering, and transportation departments. Has obtained environmental management system certificates, quality management system certificates, patent certificates, safety management system certificates, etc.

    Our customers come from food, medicine, clothing, chemicals, textiles, transportation and so on. Our goal: more people all over the world use our products. Our vision: Take demand as the fulcrum, support the balance lever between enterprises and customers, combine actions in depth, establish industry standards, and strive to become the world's No. 1 brand.