Metal detectors and separators for food and medicine

April 26,2021

food and medicine


Whether you are eating medicines, frozen seafood, or gourmet food, the metal impurities contained in them may seriously affect an organ of your body. In order to avoid such problems from having a great negative impact on people and avoid corporate risks, it is very necessary for us to understand the causes of metal impurities, and more importantly, the use of metal detectors and separators.


Why do medicines contain metal impurities

During the production and processing of pharmaceuticals, metal powders, particles, and needle-like irregularities are often mixed into the product due to equipment wear and manual negligence. The mixing of these metals in medicines will bring great harm to the safety of medicines. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the metal detection of pharmaceutical factories to prevent the existence of metal foreign bodies in medicines.


The pharmaceutical metal separator plays an important role in the process of pharmaceutical metal detection and separation. In developed countries, 100% of pharmaceutical factories are using pharmaceutical metal separators to ensure that metal pollution no longer exists. The use of a metal separator can not only ensure that the medicine is free of metal contamination, but more importantly, it can ensure production safety. And through years of development, the metal separator has undergone several generations of changes in detection technology, from the initial signal simulation technology to the continuous wave technology to the digital pulse technology used today, the simple OPGW 96 magnetic field cutting principle of the metal detector has been introduced into a variety of sciences Technical achievements. There is a qualitative leap in sensitivity, resolution, detection accuracy and work performance.


Medicines are very special products. The industry and the country have high quality requirements for medicines, and the absence of metal pollution is a very important one. Metal pollution is related to the health and even life safety of patients. In order to meet relevant industry and national regulations, pharmaceutical companies need to adopt advanced and reliable metal detection and separation technology to ensure the safety of the production process.


Try a Pharmaceuticals Metal Separator

Pharmaceuticals Metal Separator


The pictured separator can be applied for medicine, health products, food, chemicals, tablets, capsules, candy and so on. If your business is also engaged in health products, it’s convenient for use.


Why does frozen food contain metal impurities

The ocean is now seriously polluted. Marine fish and shellfish have become the main gathering places of heavy metals arsenic and mercury, as well as other seafood, shrimps, crabs and so on. In addition to seafood frozen foods, such as frozen organic water chestnuts, frozen edamame beans etc. After freezing, we use metal detector with push level reject system to remove some metal impurities. Why are vegetables and fruits inevitable? Because the abuse of agricultural inputs, pollution from the breeding industry, and external pollution are frequent, bulk glitter they also have a great impact on rice. These products must go through a metal separator to remove them.


Metal Detector with Push Level Reject System

Metal Detector with Push Level Reject System


  • It’s designed for food, aquatic products, medicine and other industries.
  • Protection level:IP66
  • Quantity of memory products:100 species

Different product in different industry can be detected by the machine.


How to choose metal detection equipment?

At present, there are low-end analog machines and new all-digital machines in the market. From the detection signal technology, we recommend choosing digital machines, because the detection sensitivity and stability are very good. Digital machines are divided into small liquid crystals according to different operating systems. There are two types of display button type and LCD touch screen smart type. At present, these two market applications are more, and the smart type has higher technology content. The operation is the same as the current smart machine, convenient and fast, and the configured phase adjustment technology can also be automatic Completion, relatively speaking, the user experience value is higher. If the user's budget and cost are okay, we recommend choosing a better smartmachine.


High-precision small metal detector with intelligent recognition technology

high-precision small metal detector


It can be used for medicines, plastics, milk powder, chemicals, food, and it is a high frequency and high sensitivity metal detector. If you are a plastic collapsible stretchable strainer manufacturer, you can choose it. 


The user can effectively prevent and control the contaminated processes that may occur in the actual production of the company. If the purchased raw materials are in doubt, then in order to prevent potential damage to the downstream equipment, the raw materials can also be tested first. Semi-finished products are also required, and metal detection systems can also be configured. There are relatively more applications for the detection of finished products and packaging after finished products, because the final prevention and control can provide the last barrier for the product to enter the market, and it is also the most effective. Therefore, the company You can configure the corresponding metal detection system according to your own management system needs.



Users can choose different metal detectors according to different types of products or packaging, different characteristics, different sizes, etc. The raw materials are granular, flake, powder, and can choose pipe-type free fall or oblique fall and other metal detectors. You can choose a metal separator device with an automatic rejection device. If the user's conveyor belt material or conveyor equipment has certain conditions for transformation, you can also choose an online metal detector, which can save production space and cost. Most production lines are transported in parallel, so parallel conveyor metal detectors are used more. The subsequent finished process can be combined with automatic production lines to work together, or you can choose to use it alone. Many users choose products or pack them before leaving the factory. For gold inspection, it is also possible to use the standard metal detector independently.


Customized equipment is because the user's product or packaging exceeds the standard size. In order to meet the production needs, it can only be customized according to the user’s actual production environment. There are specific metal detectors for specific industries. For example, the pharmaceutical industry generally uses special-purpose drugs. The metal detector has a relatively high configuration according to industry requirements. For fluid products, it is also necessary to use a liquid-specific pipeline metal detector. For the biscuit production line with a gold inspection system, there is also a biscuit-specific metal detector. In short, different industries and different production needs can be customized or configured with corresponding gold inspection systems.


In addition, if you want one, for example, it can be used in a bicycle bag factory, or for floral print dress, great quality baseball cap, trekking shoe soles industry, etc., we can provide you with it according to your needs.


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