X-Ray Security Baggage Inspection System(In Airport)

March 27,2021

The purpose of airport security inspection is mainly to prevent passengers from carrying guns, military or police weapons and their imitations, explosives, controlled knives, flammable and explosive materials, corrosive materials, poisons, radioactive materials and other hazards to flight safety through luggage packages or carry-on. Of items boarded the plane. The main items include personal safety inspection, hand luggage safety inspection, and checked luggage inspection.

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The basic process of personal safety inspection:

1. Put the jacket (affecting personal inspection) in the safety inspection tray, and put the metal products (keys, watches, mobile phones) in the safety inspection tray;

2. Pass through the metal safety door, and the security personnel will cooperate with the hand-held metal detector for manual inspection.

3. In some airports, passengers need to take off their shoes and pass through the security gate. Check shoes only with X-ray safety equipment. There are also X-ray safety equipment for scanning shoes; the increase in the level of safety inspections is usually related to international incidents and major safety incidents.



The basic process of hand luggage inspection:

1. Most airports require that the electronic equipment in the suitcase be taken out, placed in the security inspection tray, and checked by the X-ray security inspector;

2. Take out the individually sealed liquid packaging bag and accept the bottle opening inspection. It is forbidden to carry liquids in domestic airports. Personal use of a small amount of cosmetics when traveling, and the container capacity shall not exceed 100ml;

3. Pass the X-ray security inspection system for hand luggage; if in doubt, the security inspector will pass the luggage through the X-ray machine or manually open the box for inspection;

4. Others: Some international airports use CT/AT carry-on baggage inspection equipment to achieve more accurate inspections and automatic alarms; there are special liquid inspection equipment for liquids.


Checked baggage security check

The security check of checked baggage is divided into front-end security check and remote security check. Currently, large airports use remote security inspection methods. The X-ray security inspection system will conduct a IEC 60794-3 comprehensive security scan of the consigned items.

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The three basic X-ray security inspections in the airport are all to maintain the safety of the airport and the aircraft. The X-ray security inspection system provides security for the airport and people.


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