AT-300B cheap Archway walk through metal detector Security gate

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Product features:
1, rain-proof design: the country's exclusive rain-proof design, can work normally in the open air (rain), no need to block
2. Accuracy: The highest sensitivity can detect a pin (or 1/2) paper clip in the middle of the door. It can be detected 100 times in a hundred times without missing or cross-talking. It is also possible to eliminate the influence of belt buckles, shoes, and bras, and detect more than 150 grams of copper, aluminum, zinc, etc. or control tools and guns.
1. Six-digit display: The product is divided into six zones, and suspicious objects can be accurately displayed in each zone.
4. Number of stats: The number of passers and the number of people who can be alerted can be detected. 100 people are 100 people, which cannot be counted or counted.
5, shockproof design: standing in the middle of the door, hand-clap the side panels, the door should not be false
6, sensitivity adjustment: sensitivity can be adjusted according to needs, a total of two hundred sensitivity.
7. Door panel material: The exterior is made of lacquered PVC, and the aluminum pillar is on the side. It is rainproof, fireproof, anti-collision, and will not be scratched. It is available in black and white.
8. Four-sided doorpost lamp: LED lights are provided on all four sides of the door body, which can visually display the area where the prohibited items are located through the four-sided door post lamp. The viewing angle can reach 360°, and the sound and light alarm at the same time, and the alarm time can be adjusted.
9. Panel display: front panel liquid crystal (LCD) display, with Chinese and English menus, built-in various places recommended detection sensitivity setting value, one-button button, such as electronic factory use, select electronics factory, all parameters are electronic factory parameters Easy to install and operate
10. The remote control can be used to control the parameters. The parameters can be password protected so that unauthorized personnel cannot operate.
11, reserved communication interface, can be connected with computers, cameras, three rolls and so on.
12. For the electromagnetic interference of various use environments, the whole system adopts the world's advanced electromagnetic compatibility design and uses DSP.
The processor performs correlation calculation and filtering on the sampling signal of the prohibited item, so that the whole set of equipment has strong electromagnetic anti-interference ability.
13. Multiple sets of working frequencies can be set, so that when multiple devices work side by side, they do not interfere with each other.
14. It is harmless to the heart pacemaker wearer, pregnant woman, magnetic medium and so on.
Product technical standards:
The electrical appliances are implemented in accordance with the EN60950 safety standard.
Radiation is performed in accordance with the EN50081-1 standard.
Anti-interference is performed in accordance with the EN50082-1 ​​standard.
Strictly implement the current national standards for pass-through metal detectors.
Fully passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.
Fully passed the EU CE certification.
Product Specifications:
External power supply: 215V - 230V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 35W
Working environment: -20 °C-45 °C
Transport full weight: about 95kg
Working frequency: self-adjusting according to the installation environment
Machine weight: about 90kg
Dimensions: (mm) 2220 (height) x 820 (width) x610 (deep)
Channel size: (mm) 2000 (height) x 700 (width) x 610 (deep)
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