Checkweigher scale for pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, food, chemicals, batteries, hardware accessories, electronics, plastics

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Checkweigher scale for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, hardware, electronics, plastics

Checkweigher scale for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, hardware, electronics, plasticsCheckweigher scale for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, hardware, electronics, plastics

Model SACW-25KG
Power supply Power supply: single-phase AC200V~240V (110V/380V can be customized)
Rated power 0.15KW
Single weighing range 30~25000g
Highest sorting accuracy ±15g
Resolution 0.5/1g
Belt speed MAX.40m/min
Belt size 600mm*400mm (length * width)
Height of belt surface from ground 500~1000mm
Overall size Length * width 2000*1500*1350mm
Monitor 10-inch color touch screen
Elimination method Push rod type rejection (both lever type and sliding type are optional)
Control System High-speed A/D sampling controller
Preset product number 99
External air supply 0.6-1Mpa
Air pressure interface Φ8mm
Conveying direction Facing the machine, left in and right out
Working environment Temperature: -5℃~40℃, humidity: 30%~95%
Body material Stainless steel 304 polished
Operation screen display Chinese, English, Turkish, Spanish, etc.
Other standard equipment Windshield (colorless and transparent), calibration weight
Combination machine Printers, printers, labeling machines, metal detectors, etc.
Protection level Protection level conforms to IP-65 international standard
Remarks According to the different dimensions of the tested product and the working environment in which the equipment is running, the accuracy of the speedometer is slightly different

Checkweigher scale for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, hardware, electronics, plastics

1 Report function: built-in report statistics, the report can be generated in EXCEL format, can automatically generate a variety of real-time data reports, the U disk can store statistical data for more than 1 year, and support the production status at any time;

2 Interface function: Reserve a standard interface, which is convenient for data management, and can communicate with PC and other smart devices;

3 Realize centralized control: It can realize centralized control of multiple checkweighers by one computer/human-machine interface;

4 Parameter recovery function: Provide factory parameter setting recovery function;

5 Strong versatility: The standardized structure of the whole machine and the standardized human-machine interface can complete the weighing of various materials;

6 Easy to replace: a variety of formulas can be stored, easy to change product specifications;

7 Simple operation: using Weilun color man-machine interface, fully intelligent and humanized design;

8 Easy maintenance: The conveyor belt is easy to disassemble, install and maintain, and is easy to clean;

9 Adjustable speed: the motor is controlled by frequency conversion, and the speed can be adjusted as required;

10 High-speed and high-precision: using high-precision digital sensors, fast sampling speed and high precision;

11 Zero tracking: can be manually or automatically cleared, and dynamic zero tracking;

12 Provide feedback signals on production trends, adjust the packaging accuracy of upstream packaging machines, improve user satisfaction and reduce costs.

13 The domestic leading shunt rejection device prevents the product from falling down during the sorting process and spills the material, ensuring the integrity of the test object.

14 The large-scale weight tester is suitable for large-weight and large-volume weight testing, especially for the detection of missing items in the whole box or bag.

Checkweigher scale for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, hardware, electronics, plastics

The automatic weighing and sorting equipment is a high-speed, high-precision online checkweighing equipment, which can be integrated with various packaging production lines and conveying systems. It is mainly used for online inspection of product weights and whether there are missing parts or instructions in the packaging. Also known as: underweight detector, weight sorting machine, weight sorting machine, rechecking machine, automatic weighing machine, weight sorting machine, checkweigher. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, chemical, battery, hardware accessories, electronics, plastic and other industries.

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