X-ray inspection machine for large luggage, cargo, parcels, mail, small suitcases, suitcases, bags, backpacks

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1 International famous brand accessories: British ray source, Japan, HAMMATSU detector, German INTERROLL drum
2 The full-automatic calibration hardware is initialized from the running software-inspection-exited and shut down. All the X-ray and hardware imaging components will automatically run the inspection
3 High-definition imaging module adopts high-definition X-ray sensing device
4 Contrast slider pull, for different density product detection, the best perspective effect can be achieved through the contrast slider pull
5 Free to save the detected pictures, the detected pictures can be stored in a freely changed path and set the file name. Automatically save by date in the folder
6 Administrator function, can independently set the administrator, operator, identity password, and distinguish different operation permissions
7 Core hardware failure reminder, there is a detector on the operation interface, a ray source, the working status of the control board, and the working status of the 3 major hardware, which is convenient for the operator to determine the working status of the equipment hardware.

Mainly used in airports, subways, railway stations, bus stations, museums, embassies, customs ports, border terminals, logistics centers, postal express, tourist attractions, sports and cultural venues, conference centers, expo centers, large-scale events, scientific research institutions, and finance Electricity, hotels, schools, public security and law enforcement, factories and enterprises, and other important departments in public places It is mainly used to detect the hidden items such as guns, knives, detonators, fireworks, etc. in large luggage, cargo, parcels, mail, small suitcases, suitcases, bags, backpacks, etc.

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