What Will Affect The Detection Sensitivity Of The Metal Detector?

March 19,2021

Although people believe metal detectors work well for products, you need to face the fact that metal detectors are occasionally less sensitive. After reading, you will get the answer.


We all know that metal detectors are mainly used in medicine, plastics, food, chemical and other industries, and its detection sensitivity will directly affect the detection results of products.


To ensure the safety and pass rate of the product, the sensitivity of the metal detector must be guaranteed.


 High Accuracy Double Sensors Conveyor Needle Metal Detector


Factors Affecting The Detection Sensitivity Of Metal Detectors


1. The detection methods of metal detectors are different. Different detection methods such as digital dual-frequency, digital single-frequency, and analog machines are adopted, and the corresponding detection sensitivity is also different;


2. The size of the detection port of the metal detector is different, the smaller the detection port, the higher the sensitivity;


3. The characteristics of the inspected object, such as packaging material, temperature, shape, water content, etc., affect the product effect. The greater the product effect, the relative sensitivity will be weaker;


4. If there are metal, magnetism, vibration EN 50290-2-27 and other factors around the metal detector, the sensitivity will also be affected.


Only by understanding the factors that affect the sensitivity of the metal detector can inaccurate product detection results be avoided.


By the way, we are experts in metal detectors, focusing on R&D and production, customizing detection schemes according to different detection products, reducing the influence of external factors on detection sensitivity and ensuring detection accuracy.


High Accuracy Double Sensors Conveyor Needle Metal Detector


High Accuracy Double Sensors Conveyor Needle Metal Detector


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